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Providing Two-way Radio Repair’s Nationwide

BTW has a highly skilled accredited service and repairs team that can assist customers with all maintenance, repairs and installation needs. With over 20 years industry experience, BTW continues to invest in our service delivery, that’s why we have technicians operating out of all our branches to ensure your network is covered in worst-case scenarios.

Our major service centre in Penrith has the capabilities to provide customisations and large scale repairs all within a secure location. BTW’s technicians are fully certified to repair and modify your two-way radio system.

Our team can assist by providing:

  • Repair and maintenance of VHF, UHF and HF radios.
  • Software updates and radio programming.
  • Licensing changes
  • Radio optimisation
  • Installation

Onsite repairs

‘We don’t leave our customers at the door’. When we sell or hire radios to our customers, we continue to provide support and assistance beyond the shop front. This enables us to ensure that your business is getting optimal performance from your radio network. Our business is to provide better two-way radio and services that’s why we come to your door.

Many of our customers have on-site installations or constraints, which inhibit the availability for goods to be sent away for repair. Our qualified technicians will visit you on-site to make repairs or run maintenance on your system. This is all apart of our door-to-door service commitment.


Please complete the form below, print and attach to product when sending in for repair