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Oil, Mining and Gas Solutions

Ensuring the safety of workers while achieving efficiencies is paramount in the minerals and energy sector. We understand the rigorous demands of your industry; together with Motorola we can provide an industry leading two-way radio solution. Our Motorola radios and customisable systems are built for purpose, including premium safety technology ensuring your workers can communicate clearly in critical moments.

Hazardous environments

The interactions of workers with characteristically hazardous environments featured across the minerals and energy sector is of primary concern to many in the industry. Employers are commonly seeking innovative ways to reduce the risk of serious injury of employees while ensuring continued efficiency. We share these concerns and understand the critical nature of your operations. Clear two-way communication is critical, which is why we provide the highest quality Motorola products.

Our Motorola products feature technology to compliantly operate in dangerous environments. Our Intrinsically Safe radios ensure safety where gases, dusts and fibres pose a threat. We also provide radios to industry safety standards with Factory Mutual (FM), ATEX (Exposable Atmosphere) directive, and/or IECEx certification scheme. Motorola’s FM/ATEX/IECEx radios provide peace of mind that your company is providing the best safety standards for your workers.

The devices we offer for this sector are specifically designed to handle your safety concerns and demands. Radio features include ‘man-down’ alert (see bellow) with built-in GPS to ensure alarms can be raised and located, large buttons and icons for ease of use while wearing protective equipment, best in class audio to be heard in noisy environments and a fully certified range of accessories.

Man Down/Lone Worker feature

The lone worker function is ideal for the use of workers operating in hazardous environments or those who are undertaking tasks for periods of time without contact with co-workers. This feature provides confidence to staff members and adheres to a number of WH&S requirements. The employer can have peace of mind that they are monitoring and controlling the safety of workers.

This function can be customised depending on your environment and concerns. The man down feature can be programmed to many different variables:

  • Vertical or horizontal tilting (e.g. fallen worker)
  • Excessive or lack of motion (the latter is in a genuine ‘mandown’ situation)
  • Pressing the panic button
  • Inactivity after a set time
  • Non response to set interval messages

Working in such environments requires the highest standard of service and technology to ensure your business continues to operate efficiently and safely. Contact a BTW industry specialist today to find out how you can mitigate risk and ensure your facility is operating more efficiently and safer through better two-way communication.

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