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Construction Solutions

Better two-way radio solutions for the construction industry means better communication, better safety and better efficiency for your business. BTW has earned a name for itself across Sydney NSW and Canberra ACT as the premier provider of two-way radio communication systems for the construction industry. We survey, install and work with you onsite to develop the necessary radio infrastructure plans that will ensure better communication across your site.

BTW will help you mitigate risks and comply with WHS safety standards by advising systems that not only improve worker safety but enable your workers to easily interact to increase efficiency. Our range of Motorola devices are equipped with specific industry leading features including ‘man-down’ alert (uses programmed data for example radio movement, orientation, responses etc to determine if the worker is down) with built-in GPS to ensure alarms can be raised and located, large buttons and icons for ease of use while wearing protective equipment, best in class audio to be heard in noisy environments and a fully certified range of accessories.

We also provide licensing services. This service privatises your radio channels to eliminate un-solicited interruptions from unauthorised users. This helps protect the safety of workers communicating critical information with large machinery operators. Licensing also increases efficiency by eliminating frustration caused by unwanted channel interruptions. Read more about licensing

Contact BTW and talk to one of our construction industry specialist that can advise you on the right solution for your business or work site. We offer a range of popular hire and purchase solutions.

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