Digital Comms Provide Maximum Safety

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is a busy operation with the track in use up to 300 days per year. Day-to-day running of the circuit falls to a dedicated team including Tim Greeks, Operations Manager at the Circuit. The business is proud of its sophisticated technology solutions. In order to meet the Circuit’s exacting requirements [...]

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The Top 10 Ways to Increase your Battery Life

You can follow at least 10 simple steps to ensure the health and longevity of your batteries to keep you communicating effectively. These tips can not only save you money by reducing the frequency of battery replacement, but can also enhance the length of time you can use and store your two-way radio batteries. Tip [...]

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Customers No Longer Waiting at Pushys Bike Shop

Pushys – Australia’s leading online bike retailer – is a unique business. The business also operates from a very large premises of 2600 square metres in Fyshwick, however, it is split over two premises and encompasses not only a shopfront, warehouse and repair centre, but also a café. Pushys prides itself on unequalled knowledge and [...]

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Five Trends Driving Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Innovation

Motorola Solutions have released a recent whitepaper detailing the current trends in digital two-way radio. The research is very much inline with the latest updates to MOTOTRBO product line (e-Series). The article below, which was released by Motorola discusses the direction the market is evolving. Applications and hardware updates are providing better solutions to areas [...]

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Lessons from abroad – MOTOTRBO WAVE

Communicating across multiple devices using different operating software is a challenge in many of the industries we service. This is especially amplified in the hospitality and retail sectors where workers need to communicate across multiple departments in contrasting environments. This is a challenge not met by the standard two-way radio. When you work in such [...]

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Proud supporters of Sydney2CAMberra Ride

BTW is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Sydney 2 CAMberra Ride 2016. The annual event aims to raise awareness and funds for SIDS and Kids along with the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. BTW will be providing two-way radio communication resources from our hire fleet to aid in the running of event and help keep [...]

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Tips for better customer service in hospitality

What sets apart the best hotel services from the worst? BTW works with some of the industry leaders across multiple service servicescapes. The common theme that we see is of course communication. The best hoteliers go the extra mile for their customers, coordinating a complex network of staff and external providers to deliver on every [...]

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Is it time you checked the status of your radio frequency license?

Despite what some may think private radio licences need to be registered and renewed on an ongoing basis. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) reserve the right to prosecute those who are unlawfully operating radio transmitters on illegal unlicensed frequencies. If you don’t know the status of your current two-way radio frequency you should [...]

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