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Two way radios are a popular tool to improve retail efficiencies. With instant communications between management and employees or between security staff, response times can be lessened and profitability improved. With staff spread throughout the facility, common activities such as price checks, cleanups, or inventory related issues tend to tie up more time than is necessary. Radios eliminate the time required for a manager to locate the appropriate staff member, allowing issues to be resolved more quickly. Equipping security staff with radios allows them to respond more quickly to accidents, disturbance, or theft.

BTW has teamed with Motorola to offer you the perfect communications products and solutions for retail stores and distribution centers. Enhancing efficiency and productivity are priorities in retail. Motorola wireless solutions help you improve customer service by keeping your staff in constant contact. With the introduction of digital two way radio solutions, BTW can provide a system to assist with the day to day management of the vital aspects of running and managing your retail outlet.

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