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Nurse Call Incident Response System

If you’re thinking about Safety, Risk Management, Incident Response and Threats to Plant or Equipment you need fast concise voice active communications at the push of a button.

While safety plans reduce accidents and emergencies, they don’t prevent them… Work Health and Safety (WH&S) is at front of mind for many employers. The latest statistics from ‘Safe Work Australia’ indicates that there are 117, 815 serious claims made annually and over 1.5 million weeks lost from work in Australia (2013). The importance of risk mitigation through WH&S investments is essential. Many of our customers are represented in high-risk construction industries, which require fixed emergency points. When workplace accidents and emergencies happen, the speed and clarity of the response is crucial.


Our system provides*

  1. Fast and effective communication
  2. Two-way voice active communication
  3. Simplicity
  4. Portability
  5. Reliability and Durability


The tech team at BTW have developed a simplistic and robust solution built to work time and time again on almost any construction site. Our designers strived to create a nurse call system, which above all was simple to locate and operate while being built to withstand tough environmental conditions experienced on construction sites. Housed within our units is industry-leading technology manufactured by Motorola (model components vary to order), customised for your needs.

How our system works

We believe a simple solution enables responders and patients to effectively call for help in critical moments that count. Our ‘Nurse Call’ points are simple one touch activated systems that enable injured workers to call for help at the press of a button.




Upon pressing the ‘Nurse Call’ button an audible and visual alarm (flashing light) is raised from the call point. The call point will instantly contact the onsite nurse or medical officer activating an audio and visual alarm on their radio and ‘Nurse Call’ base station. The call point will identify its unique number relative to its allocated position. The worker can then communicate with the medical officer through there radio so that help can be found promptly.

Nurse Call can help you take control of your construction site in almost any emergency. The system programing can be customised to your unique need to feature a variety of alarms to alert your workers of safety concerns, including emergency evacuations.

Contact one of our Nurse Call sales specialists today to find out how this solution can help mitigate risk and protect your workers.


* Models vary from digital to analogue

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